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The Hispanic customer journey is far from linear today. Still, a holistic view of customers is now possible. Innovative measurement tools will help marketers understand the full customer journey across channels, devices, and media types—bridging the digital and physical worlds.


Accurately measuring store visits is key to understanding the full value of your marketing investments. In less than three years, advertisers globally have measured over 5B store visits using AdWords. With advanced machine learning and mapping technology, marketers can accurately measure more store visits at scale and use these insights to deliver better local ad experiences.


Expectations for advertising with hispanic consumers are rising

Today, consumers believe they should receive marketing messages that are tailored to their unique needs. So, once you have a comprehensive view of your customers, the next step is to reach them in the right moment with the right message. And reaching your audience just got much, much easier.


The programmatic revolution has focused on combining data, machine learning, and automation to drive better performance. However, few of these benefits have carried over to the world of media planning—where the foundations for campaign success are built. To save marketers time and improve performance, DoubleClick Bid Manager has been optimized to streamline campaign planning. It uses machine learning to analyze past campaigns and recommends the right inventory and targeting based on your unique goals and what’s performed well historically. That makes it easier to go from insight to impact.


All of these trends and innovations are shaping a fast-changing marketing landscape. To meet and exceed consumers’ expectations in an assistive future, we at Loh Digital continue to innovate. And by arming yourself with the right tools and insights, you can ensure that consumer expectations won’t outpace your ability to deliver on them. For more information please call 603-852-7545.



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